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FUJitsu inverter ducted fully installed

12.5kw cooling 14kw heating

($6880) $6480ex after $400 cashback

Samsung Inverter ducted fully installed

7.1kw cooling 9kw heating

($5350) $4950ex after $400 cb

DAIKIN inverter ducted fully installed 3 phase

15kw cooling 18kw heating

($8380) $7980ex after $400 cb

Samsung inverter ducted

12kw cooling 14kw heating 

(6880) $6480ex fully installed after cashback

Individual Temperature Control for each room & Control your Airconditioning from your iphone or tablet even when you are not Home.

Like all the best tablets, MyAir Series 5’s touch screen is simple and intuitive to use. The entire system is designed to be technophobe-friendly.The home screen displays all your options – simply tap on what you want to do and follow the prompts. For example, when you tap on Zones every room in the house will be displayed. You can then increase or decrease the airflow to any room by tapping the + or – button next to it. Rooms with optional Individual Temperature Control sensors will display temperature while others display airflow %. We’ve even included a Help button in the unlikely event you need it.