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Split Air Conditioning

Split Air Conditioning

If you only need to air condition an individual room or a small number of rooms. One or multiple split system air conditioners may be your best solution. These systems are also reverse cycle and use digital technology for temperature control.

Ultra Quiet Inverter Operation

Our range of split systems use advanced inverter technology. The big advantage with inverters is the efficiency, which is entirely due to the ability of altering the compressor speed in response to cooling demand.   Systems like the Mitsubishi MSZ-GE inverter series feature some of the quietest indoor units in the industry, as low as 19 B(A).

To put that into perspective, consider that ambient noise in a library is 30dB. Innovations like the large-diameter fan, modified fin shape and multi-angled heat exchanger have increased efficiency while proviiding greater airflow at lower speeds. Uneven fan-blade pitch and a remote-controlled vane add further reductions to air resistance as well.

No matter your situation we have the right split system air conditioner for you.  Our expert technician will come to you, assess your premises, your needs, advise you of your options and provide you with a comprehensive quote.

Here’s how we approach quoting and installation of your air conditioning system.